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Pool Decking Repairs

Pool Decking Repairs

In order to bring new life to your deck, you need to make repairs whenever necessary. Repairs range from color enhancement as it advances to replacement of the entire pool deck. All this depends on whether your deck has cracked, spalled or discolored. For a material like wood, you will have to repair your deck quite often since the damages also occur often. However, you must first of all consider the type and cause of damage before embarking on pool decking repairs. Below are some of the common pool deck problems that you may encounter.

  1. Sloping pool deck- Settling the decks can bring about an uneven surface which may be very dangerous.
  2. Cracks- Cracking of the pool deck mainly result from movement of soil underneath the deck. In some cases it is also brought about by improper construction.
  3. Water loss resulting from the cracking.
  4. Separation at the coping- Separation between the coping and the pool walls can be as a result of soil settlement and sink holes.


Poor Construction

Most of the problems that the pool decks encounter is as a result of poor installations. In case the decking material is improperly installed, there may be gaps in between the material contributing to water loss.

Fluctuation in Weather Patterns

For some decking materials, fluctuation in the weather patterns contribute to their poor performance. For example, a material like concrete is subject to expansion and contraction. Therefore, when the weather pattern changes from hot seasons to cold seasons, the material will crack. As a result, you will be sure of having to repair your decking from season to season.

Although, you can still decide and go for a decking that is tolerant to all weather conditions. Composite decking will never crack regardless of fluctuating weather patterns. The material’s structure is stable and that is why it can last on your pool for over 30 years without you worrying about repairs. Sherwood Lumber’s MoistureShield brand guarantees you added quality and added durability. Our composite decking is maintenance-free and can serve you during both summers and winters.

Sinkhole Formation

Whenever there is formation of sinkholes under or around your pool, the deck will have inadequate support on the ground. As a result, it will end up collapsing  or cracking over time. Therefore, it will seek for the immediate attention of a professional to come and handle the issue appropriately.

Repairing Pool Decks

Once you have noticed any of the above problems on your pool deck, you should decide and go for the appropriate pool decking repairs. In case the damage is son intense, the best solution would be to resurface your deck. Resurfacing will cover up the existing and also upgrade your deck’s look. You can thereafter add color, pattern or texture to your deck to maintain the look that you desire. Resurfacing involves the following steps:

  1. Prepping- Grounding or treating the old surface with chemicals.
  2. Cleaning- Removing dust or debris
  3. Mixing- Mixing the overlay product with integral colors
  4. Applying- Spraying the material and adding decorative treatment.
  5. Sealing- Applying a sealer to offer long-lasting protection to your pool decking material.

These measures are very appropriate when it comes to pool decking repairs. Once you have repaired your deck, you will be guaranteed added years of performance.