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Low maintenance trimming options

Low maintenance trimming options

During construction or renovations, any homeowner would prefer using materials with minimal maintenance needs. This is to relieve them the stress of spending time and money on the trims every now and then. When it comes to exterior trims, you will have a number of options and it is upon you to go for the best. However, you can only know the best after finding out the types of trimming materials exist in today’s market. We are going to look at some of the low maintenance trimming options to help you decide on the one to choose for your building.

PVC Trim

PVC trims are among the top trimming options in the market all thanks to the high quality they posses. PVC is the most dimensionally stable trimming material and is capable of withstanding both moisture, fire and insect damages. Your PVC trim can last for over 30 years without showing any need for repair or replacement. Once you have perfectly installed your PVC trim, the best way to maintain it is by cleaning it from time to time. This helps to maintain the new and classy look and also to maintain the color of your trim. For those staying in winter areas, you should remove any snow heap from your building to avoid any unnecessary damages. EX-CEL PVC trims guarantee you added durability, quality performance and easy maintenance. Going for such trimming options will help you a big deal in saving on cost of maintenance and all that.

Composite Trim

Composite is also another maintenance free trimming material and will never show any signs of delamination. Treated composite is capable of withstanding insect damage, moisture and fire damage. This implies that they are also cost effective and will spare you the burden of constant repairs and replacements. So long as you maintain the cleanliness of your trim, you will have no need worrying about damages. However, composites turn out to be quite expensive compared to PVC and other trimming options.

Vinyl Trim

Vinyl also falls among the low maintenance trimming options and many would prefer it over wood. The material does not rot and is also resistant to insect damage. Just like PVC, you will not have to worry about the safety of your property because the vinyl trims have got you covered. No special maintenance is also necessary when it comes to vinyl trims. You only have to maintain its cleanliness over the years for perfect performance. However, vinyl products turn out to be very cheap when compared to wood, PVC and composite. This therefore implies that in case of any damages, you will spend a lot in repairing or replacing your trim.

The bottom-line is that maintaining your exterior trim and other building products guarantees you quality performance. A well- maintained trim will last longer than one of the same type but undergoing poor maintenance. It is therefore your duty to see to it that your trims are dust-free and dirt-free. For stress-free maintenance, go for Sherwood’s EX-CEL PVC trims.