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How to solve trim problems

By May 30, 2021Helpful Hints

How to solve trim problems

Just like any other building material, your house trim  will at some point experience damage. This is due to exposure to several exterior harsh conditions including harsh weather and poor maintenance. As a responsible homeowner, you need to take your time and find out how to solve trim problems. By having knowledge on that, you will have no need worrying about your trim now and over again. Below are some of the trimming problems that you should be aware of.

Fire Damage

Due to the exposure of the exterior trims, it would be very easy for them to catch fire and even spread it to other structures. Once fire damages the trims, the only appropriate measure would be to replace them with new trims. However, this would means additional expenses on top of your trimming project. To avoid such issues of fire damage, most homeowners would go for fire-resistant trimming materials. Materials such as PVC are the most reliable when it comes to their fire-resistant ability. The material is very strong and can withstand fires to a further extent without the material showing any signs of damage. EX-CEL PVC trims are the highly rated trimming products in the current market due to their outstanding performance.

Dents and Gouges

Trimming materials that easily show signs of gouges and dents from falling debris are very difficult to deal with. In such cases, most homeowners use putty to fill the dents. Others also heat the boards so as to avoid installing other boards. However, all these turn out to be very stressful and costly to many homeowners. The best solution therefore should be getting a trimming material that does not experience denting or gouging easily.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage is a very common problem with many building materials including decks, sidings and trims. A trim that undergoes moisture damage will will no longer have the desired quality to protect your property. Once there are any damages on your trim , it would be very easy for threats such as rodents to get into your house and cause damages. It is therefore an advice to those especially living in the cold areas to use moisture-resistant trimming materials. An example is the PVC trim  which is appropriate during both the hot and cold seasons.

Insect Damage

At some point, you may find signs of insect damage on your trim and this is very common with materials such as wood. Some homeowners may assume such damages and consider them minor issues. However, this should not be the case because the damage may extend further to other parts of the building. You should take immediate action and make necessary repairs before it is too late. Although, you should not consider this as a long-term solution since you may face the same problem again after some time. The only way to be safe is to look for an appropriate material for your trimming project.

The answer to the question ‘how to solve trim problems’ simply evolves around the type of material you choose. Ensure that you go for a material that is capable of withstanding such damages and even more. EX-CEL PVC trim is the perfect choice for you.