Guest Blogger Joy Robles: The Four Frequencies of Failure:

By August 5, 2020August 13th, 2020Helpful Hints, Sales

Sound like a strange title … Who focuses on failure, especially in Sales ? Have you ever struggled in sales?….Well the reason you have is because your frequency is off.Instead of focusing on how to get it right maybe it’s time to dissect what’s going wrong. No one likes failing but yet we learn no lesson from success so we need to be A students in failure. It’s our best teacher.

Here are the primary causes for failing in Sales:

1. Lack of Intention:

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When you walk into a place do you have an intention of what you want to walk out with?

    • Is it quantifiable ?
    • Can you communicate it to someone?

If you can’t explain what you want to walk out with…. You’ll walk out empty handed.

2. Assuming Too Much

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Remember the acronym “ASSUME” – what happens when you assume ?  It’s true. If you assume without communicating because you think it’s so obvious you will discover it’s not so obvious to your customer. That goes for  gratitude, deadlines, etc.  Make it clear, concise and accountable. Your customers hold you to it, do the same.

3.  NO End Game in Mind

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Have I crossed the finish Line?  How will you know if you don’t have a written goal.  If you’re traveling on a long trip you don’t go without GPS. (I am geographically and pre GPS challenged was once 200 yards away from my destination but turned around because I didn’t realize I was so close!). Anywhere worth going will require planning and having a clear destination in sight.

Do you know where you’re going?

4. Having Fear or No Faith

Are you fear based ?  Do you walk in afraid because you need the sale rather than want to serve? Face it, sales is what feeds your family, allows you the ability to reach your dreams.  Are you approaching it with fear or faith? I’m not getting religious on you but remember fear and faith are opposites. Where one exists the other can’t. Having faith in your gifts and talents is monumental supplying you with confidence to ask for the order. When you believe so strongly in your product, your company and yourself you know you would do a disservice to the customer if you don’t because you’re the best option.

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Are you thinking… “Okay that’s great… Well now you told me what needs to change.. Now how do I do it? .. That’s the next article 😊


About the Author: Joy Robles has been in sales for over 20+ years. Through her time in the trade she has developed strong sales knowledge and loves to share her strategies for success with others. Keep a lookout for future posts. Any question, you can find her at