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Focus On Hardwoods

By April 7, 2021April 9th, 2021Lumber Species

Focus on hardwoods

Sherwood lumber company works to the best of their customer satisfaction. Providing insights to manage purchase decisions is a goal we can’t negate. Hardwood has a wide variety of applications ranging from flooring, furniture, cabinetry as well as paneling. In this article, we are going to focus on hardwoods and equip you with a basic understanding of the hardwoods available and how they are best used.

For us to focus on hardwoods, we need to understand the two types that there are. Hardwoods can either be imported or domestic. Domestic hardwoods include maple, red oak, birch, cherry, and African mahogany. Imported hardwood are meranti, white birch and premier ply. Let us now narrow down to the basics.

Import Hardwood

i. White birch

White birch is also known as paper birch, canoe birch or silver birch. It is an imported hardwood used for making plywood, boxes, crates, and other wood items
Because of their strength and durability, most hardwood products rank high in quality.

ii. Meranti

Meranti is hardwood lumber from South East Asia in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. It comes in two types, that is, white meranti and yellow meranti, with the latter being termite resistant. The meranti hardwood is generally durable and good for paneling, joinery, and molding and window purposes due to its decorative nature. Its durability, as well as versatility, makes it ideal for indoor applications. It is also adaptable as it can be painted to custom home designs.

iii. Walnut

Walnut being one of the rarest hardwoods, it is often more expensive than the others and it makes the best wood for paneling as well as making furniture. It is also very tough and durable.

iv. Maple

Maple hardwood is among the strongest and most durable hardwoods which looks quite pretty when properly finished. It serves well in flooring and furniture, but its major setback is that its color may change over time due to UV light and oxygen exposure.

Domestic Hardwood

i. Cherry

This domestic hardwood is commonly known as the Brazilian cherry and its high durability makes it the best option for flooring. It also produces very stable plywood as well as veneers which in turn make great engineered wood floors.

ii. Birch

Birch is indigenous from the North hemisphere. Its lumber is much harder than that of the Oak despite it serving as a substitute. It is widely applied in cabinets due to its plywood superiority and stability. The yellow birch is also a flooring material in almost any other room while specifications can be put on the sweet birch because it is darker. In comparison with the other hardwoods, Birch is more moisture-resistant and so most preferred for kitchen floorings.

iii. African Mahogany

African mahogany is an exotic wood whose logging has become illegal in most countries making it rare and one of the most expensive. Mahogany has a deep reddish-brown color which is why most customers find it very attractive. The versatility of this wood in making office furniture and cabinetry is one of the reasons why it is quite popular. The hardwood also makes one of the best boats, veneers, paneling, and joinery work.

It is quite difficult to completely understand the different kinds of hardwoods especially when you are new to them. This focus on hardwoods will help you understand your hardwood before purchasing it. These are some of the available hardwood types you can find at Sherwood Lumber. Become a customer and get yours today.