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Designing Your Stairs With Aluminum Railings

By February 4, 2022News

Designing Your Stairs With Aluminum Railings

When you are designing your residential or commercial stairs, there are different materials that you can use for the railing. One of the best railing materials to use is aluminum. Aluminum is easy to work with and it offers an attractive look. Using aluminum allows you to create a variety of unique designs that blend well into almost any interior design scheme. Here are five tips for designing your stairs with aluminum railings:

Sweep Handrail

One of the basic designs is a sweep handrail which makes the rail appear like one solid piece rather than many separate pieces like pickets or balusters. You must use railings of specific designs to achieve a sweep handrail design. If you are trying to create a railing by yourself, it will not be possible because of the difficulty in bending aluminum into smooth curves without creating weak points in the metal. You should rather seek professional advice on the railing design to use.

Multi-Rail Design

A multi-rail design involves using several handrails instead of one like other designs. This creates more interest and visual impact while requiring less space than designs with a large centerpiece or even no centerpiece at all which can make it appear lighter and airier. A multi-rail design works well for any surface type from carpeting to stone floors without having any negative effects on how safe it is compared to other styles. With the right design and color, it can also add some elegance.

Spiral Design

A spiral design consists of one or more railings that wind in a circle leading up the stairs. The use of aluminum allows you to create this spiraling effect without supports every few feet like wood would require. This makes it an attractive option for outdoors where there is no roof above the railing and for buildings such as theaters that have large open spaces but still need a safety railing system.

Center Post Design

Another option with aluminum rails is to use a center post design rather than no center post like other designs allow for. This involves using additional metal posts along the centerline of the stairs and then running another railing design along the center post to create even more visual interest. This is another style that works well with any interior design style while adding an elegant appearance.

Custom Design

Lastly, you can always have a custom railing design made for your stairs so you do not have to settle on one of these four options listed above. Sherwood Lumber will work together with you to come up with the perfect new concept that suits your needs and preferences. However, this usually requires that you purchase or already have an existing metal product in mind unless they also manufacture their aluminum products which some companies do offer.

There are many different designs that you can create with aluminum which makes it a popular material for use on stairs. Creating your design is possible but requires some creativity and resources unless you know the right place to purchase materials. If you need a perfect railing idea, consider using Westbury aluminum railing. Our professionals will also provide you with information related to designing your stairs with aluminum railings.