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Deck Dilemmas: Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Outdoor Oasis

By September 25, 2023News

Is Time To Replace Your Decking

If you don’t regularly inspect your deck, you might not realize when it’s time for repairs or replacement. Many homeowners face issues with their decks because they neglect their condition. The exterior of your house is exposed to various elements, which can lead to problems like splitting, rotting, and insect damage. That’s why some homeowners seek durable decking materials to minimize maintenance. Composite decking is a popular choice due to its resistance to damage. Let’s explore some signs that homeowners should pay attention to.

Rusted Fittings and Fixtures

When inspecting your deck, it’s crucial to check the condition of the fittings and fixtures. If you notice that they’re in poor shape, it’s time to replace them. These components can weaken over time due to aging and exposure to elements like rain and storms. Rusted fittings and fixtures compromise the deck’s structural stability and safety for your family. Replacing them promptly is essential.

Loose Railings

Fixing loose railings is a priority. Railings provide support for stairs and entry/exit points on the deck, and people use them frequently. Neglecting loose railings poses a serious safety hazard for your family and visitors. Inspect your entire deck and address any loose railings promptly.

Mildew and Molds

Decks are prone to mold growth due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. There are two types of mold: greenish mold and mushroom-like mold. While greenish mold might not be a major concern, the mushroom-like mold is a serious issue. Fungal growth like this can severely damage your deck, necessitating replacement. If you notice signs of mold on your deck, seek professional help. The decking material should be treated, and all molds removed. Failure to do so may require replacing the entire deck.

However, moisture-resistant decking materials like composite decking, such as Sherwood’s MoistureShield composite decking, don’t typically face issues with mold or mildew. Choosing the right decking material is essential for long-term durability. MoistureShield composite decking stands out for its exceptional durability, performance, and strength, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners. With MoistureShield composite decking, you won’t have to worry about frequent deck replacements.