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Most common siding problems to watch out for during winter

Consider the range of siding materials available to homeowners, each offering distinct advantages catering to varying preferences. Vinyl, natural wood, and engineered wood stand as popular choices, each characterized by unique properties. Natural wood, albeit aesthetically pleasing, demands higher maintenance, while vinyl, though less demanding, faces challenges during extreme weather conditions such as harsh winters. On the other hand, engineered wood presents a compelling option with its lower maintenance requirements, resilience against weather fluctuations, affordability, and widespread availability, exemplified by reputable brands like KWP offering reasonable deals.

Despite the choice of siding, vigilance during winter is crucial to safeguard your home’s integrity. Several common siding issues manifest during this season warranting attention:

1. Water Penetration:

Ice accumulation in the eavestrough poses a significant risk, leading to water seepage beneath siding, potentially causing structural damage. While prevalent across all siding types, vinyl’s construction with larger spaces may exacerbate this issue.

2. Loosened Panels:

Winter winds exert substantial force, capable of dislodging siding panels, particularly in vinyl. Overhanging lips or flapping noises may signal a panel in need of repair.

3. Cracks or Holes:

Vinyl siding is susceptible to cracks when struck by high-speed snow or ice, exacerbated during winter due to increased brittleness. Engineered and natural wood sidings generally withstand this type of damage better.

4. Denting:

Aluminum siding is prone to denting upon physical impact, a concern heightened during winter due to snowballs, debris carried by wind, and ice. This issue is unique to aluminum siding.

5. Rotting:

Predominantly affecting wood siding, especially natural wood, prolonged exposure to moisture, typical in winter, can lead to rot. Adequate priming, painting, and proper installation serve as effective preventive measures.

Homeowners, irrespective of siding type, should remain vigilant against these prevalent winter-related siding issues. Prospective homeowners might find engineered wood siding, notably from esteemed brands like KWP, an appealing choice given its resilience and accessibility.