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ClipStone Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid


ClipStone Maintenance Mistake To Avoid

When you decide to add stone veneer to your home, it can be a daunting project – especially if you’re unsure how to take care of it. Many homeowners consider using harsh chemicals and products that contain abrasiveness or bleach to clean up stains and grout lines that might appear across the stone surface. While these products will work quickly and efficiently, they have some drawbacks. Some will strip away at the material’s sealant, which detracts from its overall lifespan. So what are some tips for cleaning up stains on stone veneers without ruining them? Here are some ClipStone maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Using harsh chemicals to clean stains off of your stone veneer

Although bleach and vinegar are fantastic at removing discolorations and stubborn grout lines on stone veneers, they will strip away the sealant that coats the material. This will cause water penetration and stains to appear faster than otherwise. As a result, they ruin the appearance of your ClipStone and compromise your home’s structural integrity. Not a great trade-off for having a sparkling clean exterior!

No protective coating for indoor or outdoor applications

When you have professionals installing your stone veneers, one of the most important steps they take is applying a protective coating. The coating is usually in the form of a clear sealant, and they always ensure the sealant is dry before exposing your exterior to sun and rain. Without this protective coating, you risk problems like water penetration and stains appearing on the surface of your material.

Improper cleaning equipment or techniques

One mistake that homeowners make is using a non-abrasive scrubbing sponge or brush to remove stains. These sponges are often too harsh and may lead to micro-scratching of your stone veneer’s surface. This can bring up more issues down the line. By the end of the day, the damage will add up and detract from both the look and structural integrity of your home’s façade.

Allowing water to sit on the veneer

Another common ClipStone maintenance mistake to avoid is letting water sit on the veneer. Exposure to water can easily stain and damage your ClipStone stone veneer surface. If it is necessary to hose down the area around the ClipStone veneer, be sure to do it so quickly and then dry off the surface with a towel or cloth.

Not repairing damage on time

If any damage occurs to the stone veneer, it is essential to repair it right away. It will help prevent further damages and help keep the surface looking at its best. There are several repair options available on the market, so be sure to make your choice, considering the nature of the damage. Also, feel free to contact Sherwood Lumber for assistance on the building materials to use on your building.

Placing heavy objects on the veneer

Placing heavy objects on your veneer can cause the surface to crack or chip. If there is a need to move something heavy, be sure to use a dolly or another type of lifting device. By following these guidelines, you can keep your stone veneer looking beautiful and stable for many years to come.

You will have no problem maintaining your home once you know the ClipStone maintenance mistake to avoid. Sherwood Lumber has the best ClipStone brand for you, and we assure you of more than 30 years of flawless performance.