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Best Places to Find Reclaimed Wood for Your DIY Project

Reclaimed wood is becoming the new trend in interior design. It decreases the demand for virgin wood from forests, it’s some of the strongest wood you can find, and it has a great character that makes every piece unique.Best Places to Find Reclaimed Wood for Your DIY Project

In keeping with the latest trends, many furniture and home décor stores have lovely products that are made with reclaimed wood, but if you have a DIY spirit, you can also make these products yourself. If you are inspired to make you own reclaimed wood creation, here are the best sources for finding the material you need.

Hardware/Home Stores

The famous Home Depot has plenty of reclaimed wood available for purchase. Find a gem by browsing their online reclaimed wood selection which consists of lumber, panels and dissembled pallets and crates.

Online Shops

Sherwood sells its own reclaimed wood creations. But if you search the site for ‘reclaimed wood’, you will find plenty of options for buying the lumber on its own.


Searching the eBay site for reclaimed wood will provide you with more than a thousand sources.

Reclaimed Lumber Dealers

There are plenty of reclaimed lumber dealers located all around the country. Some deliver locally and some sell online. Sherwood Lumber is the great place to find reclaimed wood as well as hardware, stained glass, lighting, reclaimed wood décor and furniture and more.

Demolition Sites

If you know of a house in your neighborhood that is about to be demolished, try contacting the owner to see if you can buy the lumber, or even take it for free. Chances are they will give you the lumber in exchange for the free clean up.

DIY can be a great way to produce an eco-friendly and unique product you will treasure. However, those of us who don’t possess such talent and skill can still find reclaimed pieces they will adore. Sherwood Lumber sells reclaimed wood furniture that is beautiful, long lasting and, of course, kind to the environment.

Whatever path you take, we are confident you will end up with a meaningful piece of home décor. This will withstand the test of time.