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Are Pests A Threat To Your PVC Trim?

Are Pests A Threat To Your PVC Trim?

PVC is one of the best trimming materials in the building industry. It has gained its fame over the years due to its outstanding quality over the other trimming materials. One of the qualities of PVC is that it is very strong and can withstand pest damage, moisture damage and even fire damage to some extent. Looking at the question ‘are pests a threat to your PVC trim’, you need to first know the pests that pose a threat to your building trim. Thereafter, we will look at the qualities that make your PVC trim impervious to pest-damage.


Rodents are the worst threat to your home’s safety. They have the tendency of breaking into homes and stores through the roof trim, causing a lot of damages. Issues of rodents are very common especially in homes with wood trims because wood is very appealing to them and also easy to break through. Getting rid of rodents would be a very difficult task especially when you don’t realize the problem soon enough. They bore holes through every corner of the roof trim, find their way into your building and damage whatever they feel like.

The best way to eliminate them completely is by seeking for help from a professional. Professionals are able to inspect and reveal every single damaged spot on the trim. Once they have marked the damaged areas, they will recommend the appropriate measures to take. Trimming your house with PVC would also be a good idea because the material is less appealing to rodents. PVC is more of a combination of plastic and wood particles. EX-CEL PVC trims  far much better than wood in terms of performance and resistance to damages.


Apart from rodents, another common threat to be aware of following the question ‘are peats a threat to your PVC trim’ are termites. Termites exist almost everywhere. Due to their population, termites are also very stressful to deal with especially when you have a lot of wood structures within your home environment. Although they are very tiny, termites can cause serious damages to your building. The worst part of it all is that you may not easily notice any infestations unless you inspect your trim from time to time. To find out whether your trim is infested or not, you can use a metal to tap the trim boards from one end to the other. Hollow sounds will indicate presence of infestations.

PVC’s Outstanding Quality

Regardless of all these threats to home trims, PVC still stands out to outsmart them due to the following reasons:

1. PVC is Strong

Stronger than any other trimming material, PVC is able to withstand any threats without any signs of damages.

2. PVC is Less Appealing to Pests

Although the texture and colors of PVC  trims are very appealing to the human eyes, it is less appealing to pests. Unlike wood, PVC lacks the cellulose that termites and other pests feed on. Therefore, it is very safe to choose PVC as your trimming material. Sherwood Lumber guarantees you the most appealing trimming materials for our high quality EX-CEL brand. Get one for your building Today and enjoy long-lasting and quality performance.