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What is Forward Pricing?

By September 9, 2020Risk Management

Simply put Forward Pricing is a method to locking in a price of at least 2 trucks of lumber for a future date as far as 2 years out. Many Forward Pricing focuses around a specific large job. However, if the price is right retailers will review their needs for 12 months and lock in a % of the volume. If you have any questions or want to learn more you can visit our Forward Pricing Page By Clicking Here

Questions To Have Answers too Before getting a Quote:

  • How far out are you being asked to commit?
  • What is the current market of said item?
  • What is the fundamental supply/demand ratio of the species involved?
  • Can I buy and hold, take it short, or lock in the price with Guaranteed Forward Pricing?
  • What solution can Sherwood Lumber provide?

Click Here To Learn More About Forward Pricing