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Thermally Modified Wood: The Ultimate Decking Option Over IPE Decking!

By March 24, 2023News

Thermally modified wood decking is a new and innovative option for homeowners who want a beautiful and durable decking solution. Made from sustainable hardwood species, thermally modified wood is processed using heat and steam, which makes it more durable and water-resistant compared to other hardwood options like IPE decking.

One of the key advantages of thermally modified wood is its dimensional stability. This means that it is less prone to warping or cracking, which can be a common issue with other hardwood decking options. Additionally, thermally modified wood is more eco-friendly compared to other decking options, as it is sourced from sustainable forests and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

At Sherwood Lumber, we are proud to offer thermally modified wood decking. We source our products from reputable suppliers like Americana by Bingaman, which ensures that our customers receive the highest quality products available in the market.