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Maintenance tips for your PVC Porch flooring

By December 21, 2022News
Maintenance tips for your PVC Porch flooring

PVC porch flooring is one of the most affordable, easy-to-install options for a new porch. However, it’s not made of wood and won’t rot in damp conditions. It can collect mold if it isn’t properly sealed and maintained before installation. Follow these maintenance tips for your porch flooring to keep it in great shape for years to come.

Keep water off the PVC surface at all times

If you lay down a heavy tarp or plastic sheeting before installing the flooring, you will prevent the accumulation of moisture on the surface. By doing this, you won’t be cleaning off water and dirt that may collect on the flooring after each rainstorm. After installation, use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Rinse any residual soap from the cloth before putting it back into your cleaning supplies.

Seal your flooring where water can collect

You don’t have to seal every seam you find with PVC flooring. Seal the areas where water can pool or accumulate. These are typically the seams around door openings, under porch levelings, and around window wells. Stubborn moisture will usually seep through these seams, but you can seal them with a product like polyurethane.

Use an appropriate sealant

Most brands of polyurethane sealants include sanding agents or additives that can create weak points in your flooring. These additives hold the flooring together, but if you’re not careful, they can pull out of place and leave cracks. They also tend to make the floor more susceptible to wear and tear, so keep an eye on it after applying the sealant.

Keep your floor away from sunlight

Sunlight can cause the flooring to crack and fade over time, so you should reduce its exposure to direct sunlight. You can install a ceiling over your outdoor floor or some kind of shade. However, sunlight is not much of a threat to your high-quality floor.

Don’t install your flooring when it’s wet

Make sure to wait until the flooring has completely cured after each installation before you put any weight on it. PVC floors are already hard and durable but not completely dry and ready to endure the heavyweight. This can cause stress cracks in the surface of the flooring that will significantly reduce its lifespan.

Use a moisture indicator

You should always use a moisture indicator to help make sure you’re not over-sealing your flooring or causing unnecessary damage during installation. Place a moisture indicator inside the seams before sealing them, as well as once you’ve sealed them with polyurethane. This step is essential for the structural stability of your PVC porch floor.

If you’re working with PVC porch flooring, you know it’s durable and tough enough to last for years. To ensure it stays that way, just follow these maintenance tips for your porch flooring. Your floor will remain durable and in great shape for years to come. Choose Aeratis PVC flooring for added benefits.