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How To Cut Composite Decking

How To Cut Composite Decking

Just like any other construction material, the installation process will require proper preparation of the materials. Speaking of preparation, there are different ways to prepare different materials for construction. Materials like composite decking require cutting in order to come up with the correct dimensions. Unless you are a professional, you will have a hard time cutting and using the correct dimensions for your deck. Therefore, if you are eager to do a DIY, you need to, first of all, learn how to cut composite decking. 

Look at the do’s and don’ts before you pick up the project and ensure that you avail all the necessary tools. The guideline below will assist you on how best you can cut your composite deck.

Tools To Use

You will choose your saws depending on the types of cuts you want to come up with. For perfect cutting, you should consider using the circular saw which brings out the cuts smoothly and easily. However, to use the circular saw, you need skills in order to prevent accidents and even poor cutting. The best measure is to clamp down the decking material when using the circular saw.

Another alternative is the table saws. They consist of circular blades underneath the workbench. With these, you just need to push the deck boards towards the blade. This option is a safe, practical, and most versatile deck-cutting option.

The last type of saw is the miter saw which features an adjustable blade. It is the best option when making crosscuts and it is the most accurate compared to the others.

Cutting The Deck

Step 1

Use a wood saw to cut the single pieces of the composite material to length and then mark the board using a quick square. You can either use a miter saw or a circular saw since composite cuts similarly to wood. Mark the board using a quick square while holding the square against the board’s face.

Step 2

Use a miter saw to miter the deck and work on the board while holding it against the fence and the saw table. Keep the blade in line on the other side of the mark on the board which you are not planning to keep. Ensure that your hands are clear of the saw blade before starting the saw. Pull the saw blade slowly and smoothly through the composite material. Let go of the trigger before you move the piece of the material.

Step 3

Take note that you must always have extra lengths of the pieces before installation. Thereafter, you will use a chalk line to mark across all the hanging ends at the edge of the deck. A circular saw would be suitable for cutting across the deck boards.

These are the basic guidelines on how to cut your composite decking during installation. In order to find a perfect material that is easy to install, you should also consider the best brand to go for. MoistureShield still remains the best composite decking in today’s market.