Decking for your balcony

Your exterior look gives a peek of who you are. As a homeowner, it is always important to consider the aesthetics of your balcony. This appealing look begins with the decking material you use. This is actually the main part of your balcony. Besides improving your aesthetics, this is where your exterior decorations and furniture will sit. It, therefore, calls for quality and efficiency. One of the qualities of a perfect decking for your balcony is that it should be waterproof. Not all decks are waterproof and you should therefore ensure that you make a wise decision. Composite decking would be the best option in this case. This is because it is very durable and weather-resistant, and brands like MoistureShield are available in different profiles.

1. Composite Decking

This is the most popular decking in the market for balconies. It constitutes recycled plastics and wood fibers which give them a stronger core and better resistance to weather as well as make them conducive for the environment. Composite decks are not prone to insect damage, rot, or harsh weather damage. So long as you have sealed your deck perfectly, you need not worry about its maintenance. Moreover, Composite decking is waterproof and guarantees the safety of your property even during the winter. An example of a good composite decking that meets these standards and comes at a competitive price is Moistureshield, popularly distributed by Sherwood Lumber.

 2. Redwood Decking

This is a beautiful and lightweight siding and it also qualifies as one of the best decking for your balcony. The decking material is strong and has longer durability. However, it is not very available and that makes it more expensive than other decks. You also need to maintain your decking as regularly as possible by ensuring that you power wash and repaint it. This also implies additional expenses and makes it a more expensive option.

3. Cedar Decking

The color of cedar is very appealing and can look nice on any balcony. Once you have painted your deck using an appropriate color, your balcony will be very welcoming. It is also resistant to insect and rot damage since it has tannin. However, you need to do further sealing to guarantee you quality performance and durability. Also, the cost of cedar decking is far much higher than that of other roofing options.

4. Aluminum Decking

Although not very popular, aluminum is another type of decking material. It does not rust and can never be affected by insects. Aluminum decking is also very easy to maintain since it only requires a little cleaning with no power washing. Aluminum decking is also very light but rather strong and can last very long. However, it is among the most expensive decking options in the market. It is also very difficult to find a perfect color for your decking.

Brands like MoistureShield decking can really feature well on your deck. It exists in a variety of colors and is also of high quality. All in all, you should take the responsibility of making your patio look very nice and welcoming. Choose the best decking for your balcony today.