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TIVA-Coat is a single component, liquid applied protective coating used as a waterproofing membrane for ledgers, beams, joists, and posts.

Made from a combination of high-quality bitumen and polymers, TIVA-Coat forms an elastomeric waterproof membrane that is effective and durable.

TIVA-Coat contains no solvents and is non-flammable. It has excellent UV, adhesion, and chemical resistance making it suitable for most outdoor applications.


  • Waterproof membrane
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion to virtually any surface
  • No VOC’s, solvents, and harmful odours
  • Resists cracking, chipping, and peeling
  • Highly flexible
  • Organic growth resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Nonflammable
  • Freeze/thaw stable
  • Store at any temperature

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