KWP Engineered Wood Siding vs Fiber Cement

KWP engineered wood siding vs fiber cement siding

The subject of Engineered Wood Siding vs Fiber Cement is very controversial, especially among contractors and homeowners.

Despite being a type of wood siding, Engineered wood siding does not experience wood-rotting nor insect damage as much as natural wood siding does. This is due to several upgrades on them that make them more effective. It is very light as compared to wood and is cost-effective. Fiber cement siding on the other hand comprises Portland cement, fly ash, water, and sand or wood pulp.

Both the two options have been very competitive in the market in terms of durability, designs, cost, and other factors. However, it is very clear that these two types of sidings can never be at the same level.

Below is a comparison of KWP Engineered Wood Siding vs Fiber Cement. It will help you to decide on what to use in your building.


Engineered wood siding has always been the most durable type of siding. When used on a building, it can last for years without the need for a replacement.or something of that sort. In comparison with the fiber cement, it still stands out as the best in terms of durability.


In terms of installation, engineered wood siding is easier to install. The planks are very light and there are no special tools necessary for the installation. Fiber cement on the other hand is heavier than the engineered wood siding. You should not handle it without special tools and protective gear to avoid inconveniences. The cut fiber cement omits dust that is very harmful to your health and should therefore avoid exposure. During installation,  engineered wood siding installation does not involve the wastage of materials, therefore, saving on cost. This is contrary to the case of the fiber cement installation.


Generally, engineered wood siding is cheaper than fiber cement. To begin with, the initial cost of purchase of engineered wood siding ranges between $6-$10 per square meter. The cost of fiber cement on the other hand ranges between $10-$12 per square meter. Engineered wood siding installation is also cheaper than fiber cement installation since it does not require any special tools.


When comparing KWP Engineered Wood Siding vs Fiber Cement, the design is another important factor to consider. Engineered wood siding exists in many designs, finishes, and colors. This, therefore, gives you a wide range of choices from which you can choose your best. You can get any color of engineered wood siding that will blend well with the environment around your building.


As opposed to fiber cement, engineered wood siding material consists of recycled materials. Moreover, there are high probabilities of recycling the materials after use. This makes it very environmentally friendly as compared to fiber cement and also contributes to the conservation of resources.

KWP Engineered Wood Siding vs Fiber Cement is such a broad comparison. This comparison simply shows you that KWP engineered wood siding is far much better than fiber cement and other sidings. This is the reason why a larger percentage prefer the engineered wood sidings over other options. Whenever you want high quality, cost-effective, and long-lasting siding, go for engineered wood siding.