Steve Culbertson


Steve Culbertson Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber since April, 2013 35+ years in the lumber industry It is great to be part of a growing company with long term goals not just immediate short term results. Having the financial stability to do volume is just a bonus. I mostly buy dry studs, and green doug fir dimension, but enjoy selling all lumber and panel products. About Me I was fortunate to begin my lumber career in Kansas City after graduating from the University of Kansas in 1974. After a 10 year stop in Dallas which I loved, I moved to Portland where I have traded lumber for the past 27 years. My favorite past times are golfing at Black Butte, and watching Oregon Duck football and Kansas Jayhawk basketball. I have been blessed with a loving wife, a beautiful Oregon duck daughter, and an athletic Arizona Wildcat son. I love selling my customers and buying from my mills which are not only my friends but my life blood as well.