Joy Robles


Joy Robles Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2002 Depending on the day, I can be a firefighter, therapist, motivational speaker, market analyst, tour guide, hostess, greeter and oh…. salesperson… I am every woman! (You remember Helen Reddy?) What I love about Sherwood Lumber is the positive energy! I have found all the people I work for and with to be a great bunch! I have never experienced an industry where building those relationships have been so enriching and I am a better person for it. For that I am grateful. About Me This part is always a challenge because I try to not make my life all about me…. I enjoy focusing on others! That said, I have a beautiful family I am tremendously proud of. One soon to graduate college and one about to enter in! I have been happily married for 23 years (child bride… I assure you! ) and I am a mild Zumba addict… (we all need our fix). I am a person who relies completely on God and in doing so…. am so happy it would scare you (it does many!!) I have learned the glass is not half empty or half full… It is just your perception of it and mine is overflowing! I always say God has three answers to every prayer, and none are “No": He says “Yes,” “Not Yet,” or “I have something better planned”. I choose to be grateful in all things because everything that enters our life is in some way, shape or form is for my growth. You now know all about me…… my question which I truly am interested in knowing is…. “What’s your story?” I really want to know….