LP® SolidStart® LVL

September 13, 2016 LP® SolidStart® LVL LP® SolidStart® LVL is a strong, straight and durable framing product made for superior performance. It can be used in place of traditional lumber for greater consistency and design flexibility. Advantages include: Protection: SiteCote™ water-resistant coating protects during construction. Peace of Mind: Consistent, accurate sizes and resists warping, twisting and shrinking. Strength: [...]

LP® SolidStart® LSL

September 13, 2016 LP® SolidStart® LSL BENEFITS Manufactured by the leader in strand board technology, LP® SolidStart® LSL has engineered strength that allows for longer spans and greater design flexibility. Available in various sizes, it features: Strength: Available in 1.75E grade, the industry’s highest grade of LSL. Efficiency: Faster installation (buildup not required for 2x4 frame). Versatility: Use [...]