BoozerBeam Glulam Products

BoozerBeam Glulam Products

For over fifty years, BOOZERBEAM has been at the forefront of quality and technology as a manufacturer of glulam beams and columns.

BOOZERBEAM Glulam Beams & Columns

Sherwood Lumber carries both treated and untreated BOOZERBEAM Glulam Beams and Columns. Forged from the strongest Southern Yellow Pine and manufactured by expert craftsmen, every BOOZERBEAM is quality – inspected by APA-The Engineered Wood Association – the measure of excellence in the engineered wood products industry:


Untreated Beams & Columns

BOOZERBEAM 2.1E • 3000Fb with LiquiSeal is a high strength structural glulam beam that is made from the finest E-rated dense southern yellow pine lamstock and waterproof adhesives. Since it’s rated to be at least as strong and as stiff as is PSL and LVL and also l-joist compatible in all its dimensions, it can be seamlessly integrated into any engineered wood system:

  • Exceptional value in cost vs. performance.
  • I-Joist compatible depths for seamless substitution.
  • Available in any length up to 52’.
  • Individual wrapping with water resistant paper available.
  • Wax coated with LiquiSeal™.
  • As strong and as stiff as is PSL and LVL.
  • Made of the finest E-rated dense southern yellow pine lumber and waterproof adhesive available.
  • Quality inspected by APA-The Engineered Wood Association.

BOOZERBEAM Structural Glulam Column – 1.9E • 2300Fc with LiquiSeal:

  • Stronger and more dimensionally stable than solid sawn posts.
  • Lower cost than PSL.
  • Exceptional value in cost vs. performance.
  • Made from the finest dense southern yellow pine lumber.
  • Available in architectural appearance grade for visually exposed applications. Absolutely beautiful!
  • LiquiSeal™ wax coating available.
  • Available in any length up to 52’.
  • Quality inspected by APA-The Engineered Wood Association.


Treated Beams & Columns

The OUTSIDER – The finest pressure-treated glulam beams and columns engineered for building outdoors
The Outsider beams and columns are made of Southern Yellow Pine and then pressure treated to resist rot and decay. Manufactured to match standard framing widths and depths make the Outsider ideal for decks, trellises, porches and balconies. The Outsider is treated with Hoover Treated Wood Products’ Cop-Guard (Copper-Nap), which contains solubized copper naphthenate. Copper-Nap provides resistance to insects, decay, mold, mildew and bacterial growths. Pressure treatment of The Outsider is clean, non-swelling, non-leaching and non-corrosive.

OUTSIDER Balanced Glulam Beam – 1.8E • 2400Fb (CuNap .04)

  • Beams are manufactured to a performance level of 24F/1.8E with a balanced layup, straight with no designated top or bottom, for easy installation. And of course, The Outsider is sized to match standard framing widths and depths. They may also be used in both “wet-use” and “dry-use” applications.Performance: Maximum strength and stiffness.

OUTSIDER Balanced Glulam Column – 1.9E • 2300Fc (CuNap .06)

  • Columns are manufactured to a combination #50/1.9E lay up and are ideal anywhere a post is needed for your application. Columns placed on a pier block are considered to be in a “dry-use” application, provided it never reached 16% or greater moisture content.

Recommended Applications

The Outsider is the best engineered wood beam for building outdoors. Wet conditions are no problem. Moisture and decay-resistance helps protect the areas around hardware connections; however, field fabrication and trimming, hole drilling, and minor surface damage should be re-sealed with Copper-Napthenate (available at your local building supply store). Outsider beams and columns should not be used in marine applications such as docks, marinas and standing water conditions.


BOOZERBEAM 2.1E High Strength Structural Glulam is available in widths of:
3 1/2” | 5 1/4” | 5 1/2” | 7” | 7 1/4”
and depths that are compatible with l-joists, conventional framing and traditional glulam.


BOOZERBEAM 1.9E Structural Glulam Columns are available in the following widths:
3 1/8” | 3 1/2” | 5 1/8” |  5 1/4”  |  5 1/2” | 6 3/4” | 7”


OUTSIDER 1.8E Balanced Glulam Beams (CuNap .04) are available in widths of:
3 1/2” | 5 1/4” | 5 7/16” | 5 1/2”
And depths of:
9 1/4” | 9 1/2” | 11 1/4” | 11 7/8” | 14” | 16” | 18”


OUTSIDER 1.9E Balanced Glulam Columns (CuNap .06) are available in widths of:
3 1/2” | 5 7/16” | 5 1/2” | 7”
And depths of:
3 1/2” | 5 1/2” | 7”