Sales Team

Sales Team

Jack Basta, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since August, 2013 25+ years in the lumber industry I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best people in the industry and have made some very good friends over the years. I really enjoy working with the team of true professionals at Sherwood. I am responsible for developing and growing sales of panel products in the Northeast. About Me My wife Joanne and I have been married for over 30 years and have three great children. "We" enjoy hunting (for antiques), fishing (for bargains at the outlets) and spending time with our kids. I enjoy agonizing over my NY football Giants.

John Bonitsky, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2009 35+ years in the lumber industry I do sales and marketing of lumber and panel products into Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. Sherwood is filled with knowledgeable and forward looking people who I learn from every day. It's nice to work for a company filled with dedication, passion and enthusiasm I’ve worked in this industry since 1975… from yard man, to sales, to several levels of management. I've learned a lot and continue to learn every day. It's fun to reminisce with the friends in the industry who I've done business with for years, about the good old days and how the industry has changed. About Me My wife Shelly and I have been married since 1985 and have three sons. Craig is pursuing his doctorate degree at Notre Dame in Bio-Medical Engineering. David is graduating from Syracuse in 2012 with a major in Mechanical Engineering and plans to continue his education in the Engineering and Design field. Tyler is in high school, class of 2013. He is currently on the golf team and plays on two ice hockey teams - he's keeping mom and me busy. His plans are to attend college in the field of either Mechanical Engineering or Computer Engineering.Me…? When I have time, I help at our local food bank and with our local Habitat For Humanity. I also manage to keep busy with building and remodeling projects for myself, friends, neighbors and relatives. Cheap labor is hard to find!

Chris Burns, Outside Sales

With Sherwood Lumber since 2011 15+ years in the lumber industry I’m an outside sales representative, focusing on Engineered Lumber Products and specialty panels. About Me I live in East Haven CT, and my interests include cars, golf, outdoor sports and Yankees.

Steve Culbertson, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber since April, 2013 35+ years in the lumber industry It is great to be part of a growing company with long term goals not just immediate short term results. Having the financial stability to do volume is just a bonus. I mostly buy dry studs, and green doug fir dimension, but enjoy selling all lumber and panel products. About Me I was fortunate to begin my lumber career in Kansas City after graduating from the University of Kansas in 1974. After a 10 year stop in Dallas which I loved, I moved to Portland where I have traded lumber for the past 27 years. My favorite past times are golfing at Black Butte, and watching Oregon Duck football and Kansas Jayhawk basketball. I have been blessed with a loving wife, a beautiful Oregon duck daughter, and an athletic Arizona Wildcat son. I love selling my customers and buying from my mills which are not only my friends but my life blood as well.

Roger Denny, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2010 My career in the lumber business spans three decades. After earning a BS from Ohio State University in Forest Industries Management, I began building relationships and trading lumber. I enjoy the dynamic nature of the business and the people I deal with. About Me I became part of the Sherwood Lumber team in December of 2009, and am excited to be associated with an industry leader. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, golf, fishing and kayaking.

Robert Eslinger, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2008 30+ years in the lumber industry As a sales associate, my responsibility is to my customers – making sure all of their needs are met with quality products, service, and trust, in knowing that I am the go-to person for any of their needs. The lumber industry history is founded on strong relationships, trust and integrity. In no other industry can a sale be transacted with a handshake or verbal word of mouth. Our industry is very dynamic. Each day is filled with new challenges and successes. Working with lumber mills and my customers is very rewarding, as I bring together sellers and buyers. Being a sales associate for Sherwood lumber just makes those challenges seem not so challenging as we are a family of people working together, with a core belief of trust, integrity, offering quality products and services to our customers. Our mills and customers have a strong sense of security knowing that Sherwood lumber will help build their future and we’ll be there for all their needs. About Me My family is the most important thing to me, my foundation is my wife Patricia of 23 years. Together we have our son Robert, our daughter Jillian, and our yellow lab Maggie. Our time is filled with many family gathering at the pool or backyard barbecue. We enjoy a good movie on a Saturday night, camping out with popcorn in our family room. Some of my other interests are music, taking guitar lessons, and listening to the blues. I also enjoy working around my home in the garden.

Anthony Gerrato, Purchasing Manager, Panel Products

With Sherwood Lumber since 2004 35+ years in the lumber industry The Sherwood family and work ethic we care about who we buy from and who we sell to the most exciting industry with so much diversified products I work as Purchasing Manager for plywood, and product specialist. I love the Sherwood Lumber family and work ethic. We care about who we buy from and who we sell to. About Me I was born and raised on Long Island, and I live there now with my wife, Maria and my two sons, Tony and Tino. I enjoy watching baseball and football (my teams are the Mets and Giants). I also enjoy cooking, listening to all types of music, and reading a good book.

William Giguere, Sales Associate

30+ years in the lumber industry I’m an Eastern Spruce buyer with a bilingual background, specializing in all grades and sizes of Eastern Spruce. I love the team spirit with Sherwood Lumber along with the expertise and learning tools throughout the Sherwood family. I love trading lumber, finding the deals and getting them out to the dealers and finding the hard to find items. About Me My wife Barbara and I have six children and one granddaughter, who are the loves of our lives. Much of our time is spent with them at many family functions. Barbara and I are both part of larger families, so we participate in a LOT of family activities that stretch from upstate New York to Central Maine. We both enjoy the ocean, leisurely walks along the beach, camping and reading. We enjoy spending time at China Lake Maine and anything Disney, and we are also involved with many charitable fundraisers.

Tom Glauber, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2006 35+ years in the lumber industry I am responsible for contacting our customers with daily and weekly offers that are relevant to their businesses, responding to all specific requests, and guiding the process from inquiry to delivery to job completion. Thorough knowledge of products and market trends is a very important tool that our customers depend on us to provide. I need to have a grasp of what works best for our customers and how to put our resources to work to create the best outcome for all parties. Operations, receiving deliveries and staging orders was one of my first jobs in our industry, and I still enjoy this side of things at Sherwood Lumber. Identifying good values, presenting them to customers, and putting together deals that are good for both parties is my primary responsibility that I enjoy very much. I love having fun at work, using humor with customers, co-workers, and suppliers to make our jobs more fun. About Me Family is the most important thing in my life. My wife Bonnie and I have been married since 1979 and we have 4 children in their 20's and early 30's and 1 grandson. We love Central Park, Fire Island, baseball, soccer, and all kinds of music.

Dean Hague, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since February 2012 35+ years in the lumber industry What I have enjoyed the most about working at Sherwood Lumber is the long time relationships with both customers and suppliers established to help position my self to best satisfy their respective needs. Both supplier/customer sides and bring the two together to satisfiy their respective needs. From the get go I have to say I respect and admire the "take away" power and market savvy I see at Sherwood. I maintain and sell Abridge, PA inventory. I arrange trucking for Abridge, PA and direct business. I buy and sell railroad ties. I manage orders for the extended length of each to keep mills producing on a rateable scheduled basis. About Me 1974-1987 Worked for US Plywood 1987-1991 Worked for GP 1991-2006 Worked for Nor Pacific 2006-2012 Worked for Swanson Group 100% of this time was spent trading lumber - Six years on the mill side and 32 years on the wholesale side.

Dean Hartnell, Panel Manager

With Sherwood Lumber since 2010 25+ years in the lumber industry This is a industry where you can establish relationships with people/ customers that continue on over the years. I am so grateful for the opportunity Sherwood has given me to become successful and grow within this Company. As Panel Manager, part of my responsibilities is purchasing OSB and SYP plywood and Fir plywood for Sherwood and selling our product mix to the Chicago land market. I am so grateful for the opportunity Sherwood has given me to become successful and grow within this company. This is an industry where you can establish relationships with people and customers that continue on over the years. About Me I live in Tampa FL, and am married with four children - two girls and two boys. I enjoy reading and watching all sports.

Dennis Houghton, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber since July, 2013 30+ years in the lumber industry The relationships that I've built with both suppliers and customers over the years, is what makes the lumber industry fun and rewarding for me. Sherwood Lumber gives me both the support and exposure to a larger group of customers. While working with a high energy and knowledgeable team. I specialize in boards and industrials in west coast species. About Me Married over 35 years with two daughters. I'm a graduate of University of Oregon and enjoy following the "Ducks". In my spare time I enjoy bike riding, cooking and astronomy.

Brian Hrubes, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 1998 20+ years in the lumber industry I sell and market the Sherwood Lumber product line to our customers in the northeast with a focus on the Tri-state area. What I like about our industry is being part of the process that goes into building the country—whether it’s cities, suburbs or small towns. The great thing about working for Sherwood Lumber is the pride of knowing it’s a great forward looking company, and that we lead the industry in providing a great variety of values to our customers. About Me I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, and do a lot of outside activities including fishing, biking, and hiking.

Robert Kruse, Regional Sales Manager, East Coast

With Sherwood Lumber since 2002 30+ years in the lumber industry Sherwood Lumber is a growing and expanding company in times when others are downsizing. Sherwood’s vision and diversity in these times are a security blanket for the industry and I especially like communicating that to for our customers and co-workers. I’m the Eastern Regional Sales Manager – my primary focus is on dimension lumber and panel product sales and development. Planning, coaching, selling, and merchandising our inventory fill my days. About Me My wife, Debra and I are married with 5 children, ranging from 17 to 27. We have three dogs, two birds and a two-car closet. I enjoy golfing, biking , and hiking outside of work with special emphasis on the golfing--18 with the guys followed by 9 with the bride. Who’s got it better than me?

Max LeeKwai, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber Since 2016. 15+ years in the Lumber & Building Materials Industry. I specialize in supplying high-quality cedar products, plywood and lumber. I enjoy Sherwood most because of the people and the culture we have.. The Traders are an experienced, professional and fun. Management and Administrative staff are helpful, supportive and extremely competent. About Me I am an adventurous Hawaiian from a great family who enjoys working hard and playing hard. Outside of work I enjoy surfing, rock climbing, adventure racing, fishing and playing ukelele, most of it with my wife and 7 year-old daughter.

Kevin Little, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2009 15 years in the lumber industry I provide added value solutions to companies such as retail lumber yards, pallet and crate manufacturers, truss manufacturers, and modular housing plants. Service accounts in the Northeast US Sherwood Lumber has the capacity to touch all aspects of the industry and to be viewed as an all-in-one vendor for companies in the industry. I love that this is such a big industry with such a small circle of wonderful people to work with. About Me I'm an avid outdoorsman--I enjoy golf, hiking, hunting, biking, spelunking, and camping. I'm also a die-hard Eagles and Phillies fan!

Steve Loebner, Lumber Trader/Forward Pricing Manager - West Coast Division

I have been with Sherwood Lumber since 2009, and work out of our Lake Oswego, OR office. With prior background as an Options Trader on the PCX and CBOE trading floors I actively trade commodity lumber markets around the U.S. with a diverse customer / product mix.  I head up the  “Forward Pricing” program for Sherwood, and facilitate large volume extended shipment and risk management programs for customers around the country. Sherwood’s broad nationwide presence,  our decades of knowledge across all species/regions, and our unsurpassed data and statistical modeling archives make Sherwood the industry’s “Go-To” shop for sourcing needs and managing risk in these volatile markets. About Me I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. Outside of work I really enjoy long-distance trail running/racing in the mountains of the northwest.

James Morris, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2001 25+ years in the lumber industry I provide value by offering product and solutions to be a partner to my customers on a daily basis, and by helping them buy what they need. I love working at Sherwood because every morning I wake up I have a mountain of product from some of the best mills in North America that can be a value to my retail and manufacturing customers. I especially like selling the higher quality products that are easier to use and make things easier on the contractors to achieve the best results. The people in the lumber business are down to earth regular people who do all they can to help their customers procure the materials they need to help build America. I have known many of them for 25+ years and made some great friendships. About Me I live in Loudonville, New York - just outside of the state capital Albany. I have one son and two daughters. I’m a very active person and enjoy biking, rollerblading, boating, swimming, downhill skiing and staying physically fit. I also am somewhat of a Scrabble nut and probably inherited a bit of that from my mother and grandmother. I'm very handy and mechanically inclined so I can always find something to fix or improve around the house. I love to play guitar and go to open mics.

Dave O’Brien, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2010 25+ years in the lumber industry The long term relationships I’ve made in this industry and the fun we have at Sherwood Lumber I’m a sales associate for the Midwest Division, working out of a satellite office in Akron, Ohio. What I love is the long term relationships I’ve made in this industry, and the fun we have at Sherwood Lumber! About Me I enjoy golfing and The Ohio State Buckeyes!

Chris Pellico, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber since April, 2013 30+ years in the lumber industry Sherwood provides great opportunities to all their employees. It's a matter of maximizing your talent My duties at Sherwood Lumber are Buying, Sales, and customer service About Me I have been in the industry since I graduated from college in 1983. I have always enjoyed the business and I love the fact that no two days are ever the same. I love music and I am a big sports fan. I especially enjoy following my alma mater, The University of Oregon. Go Ducks!

Tony Pieper, Industrial Sales

10+ years in the lumber / plywood industry With Sherwood Lumber since January, 2014 I grew up working in and around the lumber industry with my Dad. The thing I love most about the industry is all of the relationships that I have, and continue to form, with my customers and suppliers. Nothing is ever the same with my business and I sell everything from Boat Builders to Skate Ramp Manufacturers. I specialize in industrial plywoods that include treated, laminated, oversized, cut, painted, scarfed, and or specialty plywoods. About Me After my brief reality TV career on ABC’s Bachelorette Season 8 and Bachelor Pad Season 3, I decided I was much better at selling plywood than Reality TV. I have a 6 year old son who is the best thing that ever happened to me, and my hobbies include going to the gym, golfing, snowboarding, brainwashing myself with more Reality TV, and spending quality time with my family!

John Reed, Cedar Specialties

With Sherwood Lumber since August, 2013 15+ years in the lumber industry I Love the relationships we build with our customers/mills and daily trading. I Enjoy working for a big national company with so much passion and integrity. My duties at Sherwood Lumber is building on both current and new cedar accounts. Developing new business programs and expanding relationships with mills &customers. About Me Born in San Antonio, TX… but grew up in Portland Oregon… love the activities the Northwest has to offer! Enjoy coaching my kids hockey &soccer teams... Playing men's league hockey, watching college football, spending time with my family at the beach, central Oregon or movie night out.

Mike Roberts, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber Since August 2012 10+ years in the lumber industry What i love about the lumber industry is I like the challenge and opportunity of starting new everyday. I also like all the relationships I have built over the last 13 years throughout the industry. I buy all grades of SYP as well as Hardwood Pallet stock. I sell into the industrial markets of Trusses, Portable buildings and pallets. About Me I am married to my wife Darce for 18 years. I have 3 kids(Haley, Kyle and damon). I like to golf and travel.

Joy Robles, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since 2002 Depending on the day, I can be a firefighter, therapist, motivational speaker, market analyst, tour guide, hostess, greeter and oh…. salesperson… I am every woman! (You remember Helen Reddy?) What I love about Sherwood Lumber is the positive energy! I have found all the people I work for and with to be a great bunch! I have never experienced an industry where building those relationships have been so enriching and I am a better person for it. For that I am grateful. About Me This part is always a challenge because I try to not make my life all about me…. I enjoy focusing on others! That said, I have a beautiful family I am tremendously proud of. One soon to graduate college and one about to enter in! I have been happily married for 23 years (child bride… I assure you! ) and I am a mild Zumba addict… (we all need our fix). I am a person who relies completely on God and in doing so…. am so happy it would scare you (it does many!!) I have learned the glass is not half empty or half full… It is just your perception of it and mine is overflowing! I always say God has three answers to every prayer, and none are “No": He says “Yes,” “Not Yet,” or “I have something better planned”. I choose to be grateful in all things because everything that enters our life is in some way, shape or form is for my growth. You now know all about me…… my question which I truly am interested in knowing is…. “What’s your story?” I really want to know….

Larry Rogers, Sales Associate

With Sherwood Lumber since February 2012 20+ years in the lumber industry It is exciting to be part of a growing company. I am a salesman on the west coast. You have to be hungry! About Me My wife Mariella and I, have been married since 2003. I enjoy mountain biking and serving at my local church. Success is not being the best but doing your best.

Joseph Sollitto, Sales/EWP Specialist Long Island

I have been in the lumber industry for over 6 years With Sherwood Lumber since July 2012 What I enjoy about working at Sherwood Lumber is knowing the products we sell will be used in special places like the Freedom Tower or a couples dream home. I am Sherwood’s Long Island sales rep for Engineered Lumber Products. My wife and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and are blessed with our first child in September 2013. I enjoy golfing, snowboarding and playing hockey and most of all being with my family. About Me After working on the floor of the NYSE for 10 years, I reinvented myself into the lumber business - the first 5 years in retail and now in wholesale.

Sarah Townsend, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber since April, 2013 5+ years in the lumber industry I love the people and fast paced nature of the business. Everyday is different. I focus on trading cars and trucks of W-SPF dimension lumber. About Me I am from Montana and moved to Oregon to finish college where I studied architecture and history. After school I worked as a designer in the exhibit industry and then decided I wanted to switch careers and ended up in the lumber business. Oustide of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking and being outdoors.

Ryan Walters, Cedar Specialties

With Sherwood Lumber since September, 2013 15+ years in the lumber industry The best part of the wholesale lumber business are the fun and colorful people you get to work with all across the country! My duties include inventory management, transportation logisitics and sales for the Sherwood Cedar Dept. About Me I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids camping around Oregon. I am active coaching my kids in youth sports. I graduated from Oregon State University and closely follow the Beaver sports teams.

Nate Zerkel, Lumber Trader

With Sherwood Lumber since 2009 30+ years in the lumber industry I do industrial sales. What I love about Sherwood Lumber is the buying power and years in business the company has, and the relationship I have with our suppliers. About Me I'm married with one child.